Last Thursday, the Earlham Hackers Club met for the first time in this academic year. Many of the attendees were first-year students and they were all eager to be part of the Hackathon that the club intends to run in Spring 2019. This will be the second time the event occurs. Besides the Hackathon, the members also considered organizing preparation workshops or weekly coding meetups. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the newbies, Ahsan Khoja ‘19, the club’s current president, believes a smooth transfer of leadership will be possible when he and other seniors on the executive board graduate from Earlham at the end of the academic year. By introducing to the new members the club’s past activities and achievements, Ahsan hoped to convey to them a sense of the club’s mission, which is to serve as a community of computer science enthusiasts.

Ahsan will contact the members for other meetings before an official organizing committee is established for the Hackathon in spring. Students who are interested in getting involved can contact