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Charlie Peck

Professor of Computer Science

Charlie graduated from Earlham College in 1984 with a degree in Computer Science. After 10 years of software engineering and tech startups he discovered teaching first as an adjunct and slowly moving to a full-time position at Earlham over the next 10 years. His primary interests are in the areas of database systems, parallel and distributed computing, computational science, and hardware/software systems. He is the norminal leader of Earlham’s Cluster Computing Group, home of the LittleFe and BCCD projects and the emerging Disaster Preparation and Response project. Charlie is the faculty advisor to the Hardware Interfacing Project and Green Science Applied Science Groups.


Xunfei Jiang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Xunfei Jiang teaches a host of computer courses at Earlham, including Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Principles of Computer Organization, and Special Topics in Operating Systems. Her most recently published research is on the subject of cloud computing, specifically on the topics of energy efficiency and thermal management.

David Barbella

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dave is interested in designing systems that allow computers to take advantage of natural language text. (“Natural languages” is what computer science people call human languages, like English or Spanish, to distinguish them from programming languages, like Python or C.) Understanding natural language allows computers to learn by reading things that were written for people, instead of requiring an expert to convert the knowledge into a form the computer can understand. It also makes it easier for people to communicate with a machine.
Dave enjoys working with students with all levels of experience in computing, both inside and outside of his areas of research focus.

Igor Minevich

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Igor came from the Ukraine in 1997 and stayed in Indianapolis from middle school through college. Igor went to IUPUI, where he received a B.S. in mathematics and minored in computer science and physics. He then did his Ph.D. in mathematics at Brown University, taught at Boston College for three years, taught at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for two years, and finally came to Earlham for Fall 2019 as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.  Igor likes to work with undergraduates on topics of their choosing, especially the Lights Out Puzzle and the mathematics of chess. Besides these, he’s also interested in yoga and meditation.

Craig Earley

Post-Baccalaureate Faculty Member in Computer Science

As the CS Post-Bac, Craig works on technical and academic projects for the department. Most of his time is spent serving as faculty adviser for the System Administration Applied Group, which manages the servers the department runs to facilitate education and research. He also contributes to department operation and events, assists in courses, and collaborates on interdepartmental tasks. He graduated from Earlham in 2016 with a BA in Computer Science. Learn more about him at https://craigearley.com.

Jim Rogers

Research Professor and Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus

Jim’s primary areas of research are Computational Linguistics, Formal Language Theory and Logic.
Read More: https://www.cs.earlham.edu/~jrogers/


Bobbi Cayard-Roberts

Administrative Assistant

As the administrative assistant to the CS, Math, and Physics Departments, Bobbi manages the day-to-day operations of the departments. Bobbi and her minions take care of making copies, placing orders, doing accounting, and re-stocking the M&M’s (among so many other things). They work hard to keep the second floor of CST a fun and inviting place to be. Bobbi, an Earlham alum graduated in 2002, has been in this position since March of 2008. Her husband, an alum ’02 with a degree in CS, also works for Earlham College.

Student representative

The student representative for the Computer Science department meets weekly with faculty to provide a student view in discussions, as well as to inform students and help organize upcoming events relevant to their educational experiences. The representative is available to listen to student concerns, and expresses them in a meaningful way to the department faculty. He/she also helps gather student input for the professors.

Aakarsh Sinha

Student Representative

Aakarsh is an undergraduate student at Earlham, majoring in Computer Science and Global Management. He loves to code, design, and come up with new ideas that have the potential to influence the lives of people around him. 

Jordan Christian

Student Representative

Jordan is a undergraduate student with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Global Management. He is interested in the field of Cyber Security and wish to work for a government agency in their cyber department. He discovered his passion for security when he combined his love for technology with the ambition to serve his country.