Hear the stories from the department.

Summer in Germany

Aleksandr Sergeev Class of 2020 Hometown: Perth, Australia Major at Earlham: Computer Science, Mathematics “It was a great experience, I was working in a company of around 500 total employees, 300 of whom worked in the same building as me.” Aleks recalls his summer at Avira, where he worked as a Mac Developer Intern. At the German […]

Human Value, Technological Means

Flannery Currin Class of 2019 Hometown: Dallas, Texas Major at Earlham: Computer Science, Psychology Flannery Currin ’19 once dreaded computer courses. That time was during grade school and, she says, “I didn’t have a good concept of what computer science was.” But after a few courses, Currin found that applications of discrete math appealed to her. It […]

Good Enough for Google

Chau Pham Class of 2019 Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam Major at Earlham: Computer Science Keeping up with Chau Pham ’19 is no easy task. Last semester she went to four tech conferences and competed in two hackathons. “It’s challenging, but there is a way to make it work,” she says. “These experiences are valuable.” During the conferences, she […]

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