Tobias McNulty

In May of 2006 I graduated from Earlham College with a degree in philosophy. My senior thesis was titled "The Necessity and Impossibility of Pure Delineation in Being and Time." During the summer I used to work as a software developer and systems/network administrator for Data Description, Inc. in Ithaca, NY. Now I am member owner of Caktus Consulting Group, LLC. (with several fellow Earlham grads), a technology consulting and web development company based in Chapel Hill, NC. My interests lie primarily in philosophy (continental), education (especially Waldorf), farming and agriculture, weaving, ceramics, and other fine arts, programming languages, operating systems, the open source movement, and alternative building techniques.

In mid-August (2007) I returned home from a long (9 month) bike tour in South America with my brother. Two months later and I'm still getting used to the States again! Here's our travelog and photo albums.

Photo Albums. I'm building a collection of photo albums online. Check them out!


Southwest Field Studies. In the Spring of 2004 I participated in Earlham's Southwest Field Studies program, a semester-long experience of hands-on study in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The program is comprised of four different courses: Cultures of the Southwest, Environmental Issues of the Southwest, Natural History of the Southwest, and Outdoor Education. Here's the slideshow that we put together to share our experience -- enjoy!

Projects I work on

PowerPC Kernel Archives. In my spare time I maintain an archive of Linux kernels for PowerPC computers. The site is fully automated to retrieve the latest source code from various Linux kernel trees, compile it, and upload the resulting kernel binaries to the distribution web site (linked to above). The project recently acquired a dedicated server from and hosted by the generous folks at Oregon State University's Open Source Lab. Now that the move to the new machine is complete, I'm working on kernel developer services such as automated kernel testing and results publishing.

scrAPI. In a software engineering class at Earlham, a group of students (including myself) engineered and developed an API for scraping and interface for displaying geographic data. The intent of the project is to make data accessible in two ways: both for the developer, in the form of adding new data sources; and for the user, in the form of navigating and data for the purpose of discovering the information it represents. The project has been lovingly named scrAPI. We've decided to continue maintaining the project after the class is over and open it up to other developers. Let us know if you'd like to get involved!

Low Latency Kernel. As part of my engagement with the Cluster Computing Group (CCG) at Earlham, I did some work designing and implementing CPU cycle-precision measurement tools that track packets as they travel through the Linux kernel's TCP/IP stack. This is a work in progress and has been temporarily put on hold; if you'd like to get involved, please let me know.

Little-Fe PPC. Also with the CCG, I helped build (mostly the software components of) the PowerPC version of the Little-Fe portable cluster prototype. This principally involved setting up a unified root diskless boot environment.

Bootable Cluster CD. I am also working with Paul Gray and Charlie Peck on the Bootable Cluster CD (BCCD) project, a diskless cluster solution "created to facilitate instruction of parallel computing aspects and paradigms." My work lies primarily in developing the PowerPC version of the BCCD.

Xorsis Software. Xorsis Software, the software development and web hosting company that I operated for several years, is no longer in business. However, its software products are still available for download, now free of charge.

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