Applied Groups

The Computer Science Department organizes a number of applied CS groups. The primary aim of their projects is to give students an opportunity to apply and extend knowledge gained in the classroom to "real world" software and hardware projects. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in one or more of these groups as part of their educational experience while at Earlham.

During the academic year students are paid through work study. We hope that students will work between 8 and 10 hours each week, including at least one weekly planning meeting with their particular group. Many of the groups have projects which are more appropriate to work on during winter and summer breaks. We encourage students to spend one or more breaks working on campus. The wages are the same during breaks but we also provide housing on campus.

Data Science bridges the gap between the growing amounts of data and computational power and the domain specialists who need to harness them for their teaching and research.

Helping Others Program provides the organizing structure for the CS tutors.

Green Science Group collaborates with Physics, Computer Science and Environmental Science on environmental projects.

WebDev maintains the web layout, structure, and look of the website of the CS department at Earlham.

Systems Admin Group's key functions include the maintenance of the physical machines used by the Earlham Computer Science Department.