CS Applied Groups

Get hands on experience of working in the Applied Groups to build and maintain projects.


Get mentored and learn professional technology at demand.


Accumulate real life work experience while getting paid for it.


Endless growth opportunity to muster and showcase your computing skills.

Applied Groups

The Computer Science Department organizes a number of applied CS groups. The primary aim of their projects is to give students an opportunity to apply and extend knowledge gained in the classroom to “real world” software and hardware projects. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in one or more of these groups as part of their educational experience while at Earlham.
During the academic year students are paid through work study. We hope that students will work between 8 and 10 hours each week, including at least one weekly planning meeting with their particular group. Many of the groups have projects which are more appropriate to work on during winter and summer breaks. We encourage students to spend one or more breaks working on campus. The wages are the same during breaks but we also provide housing on campus.

System Administrators

The Systems Admin Group’s key functions include the maintenance of the physical machines used by the Earlham Computer Science Department. They handle both the hardware and software side of Earlham’s Computer Science systems. The students in the sysadmin group configure and manage the machines, computational clusters, and networks that are used in classes, for our research, and for use by other science departments at Earlham. 

Helping Others Program

HOP (Helping Others Program) provides the organizing structure for the CS tutors. The tutors work with faculty in lab sessions, developing course materials, and grading.

Green Science HIP

Green Science Group collaborates with Physics, Computer Science and Environmental Science on environmental projects. They have been responsible for a solar array and grid-tie system in Dennis Hall, a modest wind turbine at Miller Farm and the Green Zone, an area in the Dennis Hall lobby where the College’s environmental projects are displayed. One of their current projects involves a charging station using the solar array in Dennis Hall. 

Web Development

Web Development (Web Dev) maintains the web layout, structure, and look of this website, the website of the CS department at Earlham. Our primary responsiblities are the development and maintenance of the department’s online presence. We strive for comprehensive and coherent structures on the department web. We work as a team to build webpages to complete this goal, and also update the website to always have current information and news.

Social Good

CS4Good is a group that uses computing technology as a tool to create positive social impact by applying computing to community-identified projects and events.  The group works with community partners to identify appropriate projects and events, works on the selected projects, helps recruit and train students, faculty, and staff to participate in the selected projects, and promotes ethical and appropriate use of technology at Earlham and in the Richmond/Wayne County communities.

Hardware Interface Project

HIP is an applied group focused on building real skills that can’t be learned in a classroom, and educating individuals on the application of technology to solve practical problems and benefit the Earlham Community. The group is strongly interdisciplinary, and welcomes students from majors outside of CS. They have been responsible for the weather station at Miller Farm, and, among other projects, plan to collaborate with other departments to create accessible Maker Spaces around campus.