James Rogers

Research Professor
Computer Science Department
Earlham College

Campus Address: Computer Science Department
Drawer 98
Earlham College
Richmond, IN 47374, USA
(765)983-1671 Fax:(765)983-1497
Home Address: 2004 S. Race St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Class Pages

Current classes

  • I have retired from teaching and I am no longer located in Richmond, but I am still working with students individually and in groups. If you are interested in participating in research, undertaking an independent study or simply doing some informal reading/research with me, send me a note.

Previous Senior Seminars

Whither and Whence

How came I to be doing what I do and, for that matter, what is it that I think I am doing?


A brief description of my research areas.

Some recent professional activities.

A list of relatively recent talks and various other professional activities.

Student Research

Some papers published by my undergraduate research groups over the last several years.

Preprints and other papers

The following preprints and drafts are available here. Comments are welcome. I'm interested in who else is interested in this stuff; drop me a note if you pick one of these up.

Curriculum Vitae

(Last updated: Aug/2021) (postscript) (pdf)

Other associations

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