Students Win Award for Best Paper

As part of a multi-national collaboration a group of Earlham computer science, physics, and biology students and alums have been working with geologists, biologists, archeologists, and agronomists on a series of field science projects over the past two years. The first paper to emerge from these collaborations was delivered by Deeksha Srinath (CS/WIGS ’17), Tara Urner (Physics/Philosophy ’16) and Kristin Muterspaw (CS/Classics ’15) at the XSEDE conference in St. Louis this week [1].

Their work was very well received, they delivered their presentation to a standing-room only audience, and they won the “Best Paper” award in the undergraduate and graduate student track.

[1] Multidisciplinary research and education with open tools: Metagenomic analysis of 16S rRNA using Arduino, Android, Mothur and XSEDE. K. Muterspaw, T. Urner, R. Lewis, I. Babic, D. Srinath, C. Peck, P. Lemiszki, M. S anchez-Miranda, M. Mayorga-M endez, O. Petursson, B. Smith, and D. A. Cerda-Granados. XSEDE ’15 Conference Proceedings, July 2015. ISBN: 978-1-4503-3720-5 doi: 10.1145/2792745.2792767

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