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Earlham College

Computer Science students who identity as women are here for you/with you. Earlham has a supportive community for underrepsented students in tech, but many women still feel socially intimidated to join the tech scene. We want to break down that boundary and introduce you to communities of women around the world to support you.

Associations on campus/local chapters

ACM-W: Association for Computing Machinery's Women in Computing

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The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world’s largest academic and scientific society for computing. The ACM Women’s Council (ACM‐W) focuses on encouraging and promoting the extensive engagement of women in the field by presenting services and opportunities to its 148 member student chapters. Earlham College ACM-W Student Chapter this year is represented by Pyone Thant Win ( and Kate Nguyen ( 

Girls Who Code: Earlham College Loop

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Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science by equipping young women with the necessary computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. The GWC Loop at Earlham College is lead by Uyen Nguyen ( 


AWM: Association for Women in Mathematics​

– Info on benefits 
– More information on how to join (Fariba)

Students who join the CodePath iOS development course can join the CodePath community, to receive external academic resources, mentorship from Sillicon Valley, and attendance to career fairs. 


External Organization


2019 Women in Tech report (Hackerrank)

Students are encouraged to use the Center for Career and Community Engagement as it offers fantastic support for any student who uses it well. They offer writing help, interview skills, help to locate potential internships. To find out more about this service here is a link to their website: Center For Career and Community Engagement

Code 2040

For Black and Latinx students in tech; Companies like Goldman Sachs ask you if you are a part of this organization; HTTP://WWW.CODE2040.ORG/

City Fellows Consortium

City Fellows

Films on Women in tech?

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Hidden Figures

Coded Bias

Code: Debugging the Gender Gap