Research Opportunities

Students have a great opportunity to engage in meaningful research in addition to the applied groups. Our faculty have interesting research which they pursue along with significant student involvement.

Some of this research led to an interesting development, follow this link to find out more. Prominent organizations such as Intel Corporation selected Earlham to test out their latest Galileo Boards.

Cluster Computing Group

Charlie’s student/faculty research covers developing approaches and materials to support injecting parallelism into a broad range of the undergraduate computer science curriculum; software and hardware “educational appliances” such as theĀ Bootable Cluster CD (BCCD) and LittleFe projects which support parallelism education; and software engineering tools and techniques for scaling scientific kernels to the next generation of petascale computational resources. More information can be found here.

Theory Group

theoryofcompJim’s research focuses on the logical foundations of grammar formalisms and the mathematical properties of language (more accurately, the properties of the sets of structures that Linguists use to model languages). The majority of his research falls in the area known as Model-Theoretic Syntax. For more information check out his page below which discusses interesting phenomena such as Grammars, Trees and other interesting features of the Theory of Computation. Below is: Jim Rogers page