Student Resources

At Earlham College, we believe in enabling our students to thrive no matter what the circumstance. This is why we provide extensive help in the form of tutors, and open friendly faculty to help make any student's dream a reality. The close collaboration between faculty and students mean that reaching out is always a realistic option.

Center forĀ Career and Community Engagement
Students are encouraged to use the Center for Career and Community EngagementĀ as it offers fantastic support for any student who uses it well. They offer writing help, interview skills, help locating potential internships. To find out more about this service here is a link to their website:
Center For Career and Community Engagement

Other resources include tutoring, which has been offered mostly for the introductory courses (CS128, CS256 and CS310) mostly. However tutoring also presents an opportunity for students as well. Students are encouraged to tutor as this is a fantastic opportunity to improve one's teaching skills. In addition one has the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring if the student feels this is necessary.
Other Resources:
Pedagogical wiki