EC Makerspace Tour for Local Elementary Students

During the summer break, Rei Rembeci ’19 and Abraham Oh ’17 gave a tour of our makerspace at Earlham College to students from the Third Grade Reading Academy. They showed the young students the Lego Mindstorms kits and what our students have been creating with them in the Turing lab. They also demonstrated how to […]

Computer Science Majors Recognized For Excellence in Tennis

Courtesy of Mitch Blankespoor. GREENWOOD, Indiana – Three of Earlham College’s Computer Science students were commended for their excellent performance on the Earlham Tennis team this past 2016-17 season. Vitalii Stadnyk ’19 earned his third consecutive Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) Men’s Tennis Most Valuable Player Award as the junior highlighted the Earlham College men’s […]

Cracking the Code

When Elena Sergienko ’14 came to Earlham in the fall of 2010, she was the first female student in six years to choose a computer science major. Being a female among the majority of her male counterparts, Sergienko feels she has incredible support and access to numerous opportunities. During the years she spent in college, […]


Would a group assignment in an Earlham course seem more inviting if the members knew that the project would morph into a successful company? Little did computer science majors Alex Lemann ’06, Kevin Hunter ’06, Colin Copeland ’07 and philosophy major Tobias McNulty ’06 know that their data gathering project in a software engineering class […]

Combined Interests Reveal Passion

In the midst of a series of significant life changes, including transferring colleges and changing majors, Craig Earley ’16 discovered his passion at the intersection of social science, statistics, information and computer science. He transferred to Earlham with a deep interest in politics and social justice and a mild interest in computer science. “As it […]

Earlhamites Seek Answers to Decline in Coffee Production

A group of Earlham student researchers and two faculty members is working with two alums in Nicaragua over winter break to visit coffee farms and research the fungus that is damaging coffee production worldwide. Ben Smith ’12 is in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua and suggested the project to Professor of Computer Science Charlie Peck […]

Researching Decline in Coffee Production

After a research trip to Nicaragua during winter break, George Crowson ’16 won’t look at the sky and see it the same way. “You could see every single star,” the Richmond native explains. “There were no cities for miles and miles. We were in the cloud mountains, and it was simply gorgeous. The sky here […]

Students Win Award for Best Paper

As part of a multi-national collaboration a group of Earlham computer science, physics, and biology students and alums have been working with geologists, biologists, archeologists, and agronomists on a series of field science projects over the past two years. The first paper to emerge from these collaborations was delivered by Deeksha Srinath (CS/WIGS ’17), Tara […]