During the May Term, our department offers opportunities for students to fully engage in certain computer science courses over a 4-week period. Computer Science offerings for the May Term differ from year to year; please check the Course Planning Tool or contact a faculty member for more information. Here are some of the opportunities offered in past May Terms:

Game Design on Android (May Term 2015)

An introduction to games design on the Android platform. Learn from scratch on how to build your first Android project, and how to design games (especially scientific games) on the most popular operating system on mobile devices. Personal projects and group projects will be designed to enhance the programming ability and teamwork spirits. (3 Credits)

Web Application Development (May Term 2016)

This course provides basic methods and knowledge to develop a simple to moderately complex website. Languages (including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and fundamental database knowledge will be introduced in this course. Students will learn from scratch to build a simple website, and enhance it with interactive web programming. (3 credits)

Icelandic Field Studies

Icelandic field studies is a multidisciplinary science based on-campus and off-campus May Term program designed for first-year, sophomore, and junior students to immerse themselves in a multifaceted exploration of the geology, biology, geography, environment, and culture of one of the most unique places on our planet. The program starts with a 1 credit 7 week course at the end of Spring semester, 2 weeks of on-campus preparation in May, 2 weeks of fieldwork in Iceland during May/June, and concludes with a 1 credit 7 week course at the beginning of the following Fall semester. For information about off-campus May Term program application, see here. (3 credits)