By Dipesh Poudel:

Earlham had its inaugural TEDxEarlhamCollege event this March. Luckily, I got an opportunity to be a part of the Website team alongside Eliza Vardanyan (‘21) and Uyen Nguyen (‘22) where we collaboratively worked on build an official site for the event. Being a part of the Web Development Applied Group at Earlham College since my freshman year, I was exposed to tools like WordPress and front-end frameworks like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I was able to replicate a lot of things that I learned during WebDev into this project.

Since we have to build the website from scratch. First, we had to register a domain for the site. Based on TEDx guidelines, we decided to go with and registered the domain through NameCheap which was apparently cheaper than GoDaddy or Then we looked for a reliable  WordPress-based web hosting service provider and decided to go with SiteBuilder which was quite economical and met all our requirements. When it came to choosing an appropriate WordPress-based theme for the TEDx website, we went for Elementor which is the same theme that the CS department website employs, and has a pretty easy interface to work with.

Winnie (‘22), Eliza (‘21), Dipesh (‘22)

Now, our main job was to give a good shape to the website. We constantly communicated with the Design team for the quality pictures and Communication team for the content. It was a slow and steady process and we had to update pictures and content quite regularly. Few weeks before the event, we came up with a decent looking site that was complete and full of important contents like speakers’ information, sponsors, team information and contact details all related to the event.

Every one of us learned a lot about web design, teamwork, TEDx guidelines, and WordPress in the process. We were able to create something which played a quite handy role in the event’s success. Overall, it was an awesome experience.