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Model Theoretic Syntax at 10

13–17 August 2007

organized as part of
the European Summer School on
Logic, Language and Information
6–17 August, 2007 in Dublin, Ireland

Endorsed by the
Association for Mathematics of Language
a special interest group of the
Association for Computational Linguistics

Workshop Organizers:

Workshop Purpose:

In 1996 ESSLLI hosted a workshop on "The Mathematics of Syntactic Structure" that covered a range of topics in the area now known as Model-Theoretic Syntax which was then just emerging. Over the ensuing decade MTS has established itself as a subdiscipline, focusing on descriptive approaches to formalizing theories of syntax by defining classes of ordinary mathematical structures directly in terms of linguistically relevant structural properties rather than in terms of generative or automata-theoretic processes. The 2001 FG/MoL meeting, affiliated with ESSLLI'01, included a symposium on the then current state of MTS.

The purpose of this workshop at ESSLLI'07 is to survey the developments in this area over its first decade and to lay the foundations for its further development in the decades to come. The workshop will include invited talks by several participants of the previous meetings as well as current papers from the broader community.

Call for Papers

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Preliminary Program

Each session will be 30 mins. long. Speakers will allow at least 5 min. of this time for questions and discussion.

Monday, 13th August


Geoffrey K. Pullum
The Evolution of Model-Theoretic Frameworks in Linguistics

Edward Keenan and Edward Stabler
Language Similarity

Tuesday, 14th August

Hans-Jörg Tiede
Applications of Modal Logic in Model Theoretic Syntax

Adi Palm
Parsing Complexity and Model-Theoretic Syntax

Anders Søgaard
Operations on Polyadic Structures

Wednesday, 15th August

Ralph Debusmann
Scrambling as the Combination of Relaxed Context-Free Grammars in a Model-Theoretic Grammar Framework

Joan Chen-Main and Aravind Joshi
Some Observations on a ‟Graphical” Model-Theoretical Approach and Generative Models

Drew Moshier
Domain Theory and MTS

Thursday, 16th

Gregory Kobele, Christian Retoré, and Sylvain Salvati
An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Minimalism

Uwe Mönnich
Minimalist Syntax, Multiple Regular Tree Grammars and Direction Preserving Tree Transductions

Hans-Martin Gärtner and Jens Michaelis
Locality Conditions and the Complexity of Minimalist Grammars: A Preliminary Survey

Friday, 17th

Frank Richter
Closer to the Truth: A New Model Theory for HPSG

Larry Moss
Coalgebra, Trees, and Grammars

Final discussion

The workshop takes place in the second week of ESSLII. We are assigned the "afternoon 2"-slot. See the ESSLLI timetable.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes. Hence each presentation slot is 30 minutes long.

The program is preliminary only with respect to the order of talks. Speakers and topics are final.

Workshop Program Committee:

Important Dates:

Local Arrangements:

All workshop participants including the presenters will be required to register for ESSLLI. The registration fee for authors presenting a paper will correspond to the early student/workshop speaker registration fee. Moreover, a number of additional fee waiver grants will be made available by the ESSLLI Organizing Committee on a competitive basis and workshop participants are eligible to apply for those. There will be no reimbursement for travel costs and accommodation. Workshop speakers who have difficulty in finding funding should contact the local organizing committee to ask for the possibilities for a grant.

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